1. Display Manual:

Original Display on Ebikes:

Display name: Ebikes: Manuals:
500C FAT-HD View&Download
500S UHVO, FAT-AWD View&Download
860C SPECTER-S 2023 View&Download
BC182 META 275, META275 STEP THRU, DEFENDER-S View&Download
BC281 FLASH, URUS, D6 View&Download
C3 E-TORQUE, NEW-TRIKE View&Download
CDC6 FAT-HS, G20-CARGO, G30-CARGO, JUMBO, MAX-CARGO 2022 View&Download
DM01 FAT-AWD View&Download
DM07 FAT-AWD Views&Download
DZ29 FAT-AWD View&Download
KT-LCD5 E-FAT-STEP, E-FAT-MN View&Download

Note: SPECTER-S and FAT-AWD have used different models of displays, please check if you have selected the correct manual before reading.

Other Displays:

Display name:  Manuals:
750C View&Download
790 View&Download
850C View&Download
860C View&Download
C961 View&Download
C965 View&Download
E8 View&Download

Note: Above displays  (except KT-LCD5, E8, FE-002) are compatible with all EUNORAU Ebikes (except G20-CARGO, E-FAT-MN, E-FAT-STEP).

2. Controller Reprogram Manuals:

BBS/ENA Setting adjustable fir (Computer)
BBS/ENA Setting adjustable fir (Mobile)
BBS/ENA Reprogram fir

3. Shock Manuals:

DNM Shock User Manual
KINDSHOCK(KS) Rear Shock User Manual
RST Suspension Fork User Manual

4. Other Manual:

EUNORAU Safety Seat for Child Manual